11 Questions with the SUSTO Shaman

The SUSTO Shaman is an enigmatic being. Not much is known about him except for his commitment to curing Austinites with SUSTO Mezcal. We spotted his white hat from across the bar at Whisler’s and had a few questions for him:

1.  Where are you from, Shaman?

Oaxaca, Texas.

2.  Usted habla español, Shaman?

I don’t hablar at all.

3.  Then, how do you communicate, Shaman?

Through supernatural vibes. Also through the SUSTO newsletter.

4.  How do I know you’re actually a shaman, Shaman?

Three reasons:

    1. I cure fear.
    2. I do telekinesis.
    3. I grow a supernatural beard.

5.  Wait, you cure fear?! How, Shaman?

I cure fear the same way the Mexican curanderos and healers have done it for centuries. With a few sips of SUSTO mezcal.

6.  If you can cure fear, does that mean you’re not afraid of anything, Shaman?

I fear nothing but the absence of taste.

7.  What are your favorite hobbies, Shaman?

Aside from transporting the finest mezcal from Oaxaca to Austin, I’m just your average shaman. I enjoy performing psychomagic and hiking the cosmos.

8.  What’s your morning routine?

Meditating on my bar stool.

9.  What’s your guilty pleasure?

Licking the mole off the plate. Eating a fourth breakfast taco. A nice bath.

10. If you could snap your fingers and be anywhere, where would you go, Shaman?

Wait, are you not able to do that?

11. What advice would you give a younger you, Shaman?

There is no younger me. I’ve always been the age I am right now. So – my advice to me right now is…keep discovering places to drink SUSTO.