LO MÁS IMPORTANTE: The Shaman’s Most Important Work

Greetings, compadres.

I, the SUSTO Shaman, have been called to cure fear in all its forms – from wobbly knees to hyper-rational thinking. My prescription, of course, is SUSTO Mezcal.

Since I arrived earlier this year, I’ve been ensuring everyone in Austin has access to SUSTO as you can see here.

But lo más importante – the most important part of my work is supporting the communities that make SUSTO so magical. Every SUSTO you pour supports the following local organizations in Oaxaca:

Fundación Comunitaria Oaxaca: A locally-run, 20-year-old NGO dedicated to improving the lives of Oaxaqueños through education, sustainability, and earthquake relief.

Patronato de Padres de Familia: The “PTA” of the local middle and high school near SUSTO’s operations that selects scholarship recipients based on economic need and academic achievement. The photo below shows a celebration of the first group of scholarship recipients at a student assembly.

Students in a school in Oaxaca

We’ve given thousands of dollars in less than a year since launch – so allow me to end with a big, supernatural gracias to all y’all – the SUSTO supporters that have helped me on my mission over the past year.

Fear nothing,
The Shaman